8 and above

These shows are specifically writen for audiences from the age of 8 and above.

All of them can be adpated to different English levels and age levels. If you have any questions about the shows, please contact us and we”ll choose the one that suits your specific group the best.

The Missing Link

Where do we come from? Why do we exist? How long have we been here? You probably know the answers to these questions but at the end of the 19th Century these were the questions everyone was asking. Man was searching for answers by discovering fossils and trying to prove the theory of evolution. If man was descended from apes where was the proof? Could they find The Missing Link? Come on a journey back through time to see what people thought about the past.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and his mother live together and they are very, very poor. They have no money and they have sold their chairs, their sofa, their TV, and even their PlayStation.

When Jack is sent to the market by his mother to sell their beloved cow, Jack’s mother is most annoyed when he returns with what he says are magic beans…


It’s the holidays. Vacation time! A vampire hunter has decided to visit Rumania – Translyvania to be precise. There are many places to visit and sights to see. The most famous place to visit and number one tourist attraction is “The House of Dracula”. This is a fascinating museum full of interesting artefacts. The museum is managed by a relative of the real Count Dracula and she has a dark secret that she cannot reveal.



Sam lives and works on Safari. He is a good man but, unfortunately, his neighbour Panama Jack doesn’t share his love of animals.

Things become more complicated when Panama Jack is presented with a price a list of the most expensive animals in the world. Sam Safari man must protect the animals from the Panama Jack’s evil plans.


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a King and Queen…

The King and Queen are very happy because they are in love and they are going to have a baby. Suddenly the Queen falls ill and needs a special plant, called Rapunzel, to save her. The only person who has the plant is the Witch, who needs the plant to keep her young. The plants are stolen and a beautiful, blonde baby girl is born. The King and Queen name the child Rapunzel after the plant that saved her mother…


The Admiral is looking for the treasure of Sierra Madre. If he finds the treasure he will become the richest man in the whole world. But first he needs to find the treasure map. As it happens just at this moment the world’s worst pirate – Captain Blackguard is sailing towards the island with his gang.

The Admiral decides to trap them, steal the map and find the treasure…

Robin Hood & his Merry Men

Come and join us in Sherwood Forest and meet Robin Hood and his Merry Men. There’s Friar Tuck and of course the dandy entertainer Will Scarlet. Every story should have a romantic interest and this is provided by the beautiful Maid Marian.

While King Richard is away from England fighting in the crusades, the county of Nottingham is being run by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham who taxes the people to line his own pockets.

Robin Hood’s philosophy is of course to steal from the rich and give to the poor. At some point Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham are going to meet…

Cops and Robbers


The London police are under pressure to solve a series of daring jewel robberies. The main suspect is Blade but how can the police catch this famous thief? There’s only one man for the job – Dick Rochard. Rochard with his university education, good looks and modern ways doesn´t like to follow the rules and he’s very disappointed when he realises he has to work with a new partner. The story progresses as we follow the trail of Blade as he makes his way over to the Spanish coast to a dramatic climax.

Frank & Stein


Mary Shelley’s classic tale is given a new twist in this modern adaptation. Two recent graduates from university have decided they don’t want proper jobs but want to make a new discovery and become rich and famous.
Dr. Frankenstein created a new life but it was a monster with many faults – he wasn’t very attractive or intelligent. Perhaps with modern scientific techniques, a new creature could be brought to life but this time, it wouldn’t be a monster… it would be… PERFECT… or NOT!!!!

King Arthur

“Only the true king can pull the sword from the stone.”

The sword, of course, being Excalibur and the true king – Arthur.

Welcome to England in the Middle Ages and to the story of how Arthur became king. Merlin the wizard must search the land for Arthur and pass on his magical powers so King Arthur can bring peace to the kingdom.

The Time Machine


The year – 1922. The place – London, England. Sir Charles and his butler Lurch have spent many years constructing a time machine. Now, when the machine is nearly finished Sir Charles has met a beautiful woman, has fallen in love and is not very interested in time travel anymore!

His plans for marriage and life together with his new bride, however, are met with tragedy and the only way Sir Charles can save his love is to travel back through time to stop the tragedy happening.

Unfortunately the time machine is not completely finished and although Sir Charles only wants to travel back in time ten minutes, he finds himself on a much longer journey than he imagined!

Will he be able to find his way back to London 1922… and will he be able to save his love?

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