Our Shows

CLAP shows are interactive performances where students participate as actors in the shows.

We are not a company performing Shakespeare, it’s comedy! CLAP actors are teachers and teacher trainers with years of experience in the classroom, which is then used on stage. This experience has given us the ability to change the traditional educational theatre methods making it motivating, interesting, natural and fun.

The shows are created through a framework which can be adapted to the needs of different audiences. This means that every performance is different depending on the level, age and abilities of the students. Each story is told in a personalised and individual way for each group. It`s dynamic and totally interactive. The students learn by identifying with the actors and their peers on the stage and experiencing the language through them.

CLAP’s audience listens, reacts and participates. Using these skills the students realise that English is useful and they put into practice what they know and what they’re learning.

How do we work?

Some pictures of CLAP

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