CLAP provides two main courses: LET’S TEACH BY PLAING in Ely, England (linguistic immersion in English) and APRENDAMOS JUGANDO, in Madrid, Spain (linguistic immersion in Spanish). These are week long courses which will train you how to teach English/Spanish or other subjects using drama and theatre techniques.
  • The courses are aimed at all types of teachers, not just English/Spanish teachers.
  • The courses are for pre-primary, primary and secondary teachers.
  • They are structured training courses which aim to build confidence and skills and bring a different dynamic approach to the classroom. They deal with practical teaching skills, techniques and methodology. Ideal for teachers who want to build a practical resource of games and songs and also learn how these tools can be adapted to the  learning process.
  • CLAP courses are extremely useful for all those teachers who are looking to be motivated and to motivate their students to be creative and participate in their classes.
  • The courses introduce drama and games into the classroom routine as a practical instrument in the communicative aspects of language.



Erasmus+ in England

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